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As mandated by the local government of California, arrest records are made available to the general public. California Arrest Records are kept at the Department of Justice under the Public Resources. Records that are kept at the office are those that have been reported by any law enforcing agencies of the state such as the Supreme Court, Security agencies.

Arrest records are accessed by the residents of California for several reasons. Employers prefer to check the criminal history of the people who work for them. By doing so, employers can ensure the safety on the workplace. Others would check the people they hire to look after their loved ones, such as their nannies, tutors, caretakers and even tenants.

Information can be found in an arrest record. It can contain information about the detentions given tote individual. Other information such as plea bargains, dropped charges or any dismissal is included on the report. It indicates the details of the offender and the victim.

Although arrest files are public records in the state of California, the information contained on it are kept confidential especially from people who are not authorized to see the document. Only authorized people can view a specific arrest file. Law enforcing agencies, authorized personnel and the person itself are the ones who are qualified to view the record. When requesting for a copy of the document, one has to provide a valid reason. People can check their own file to make sure that the information is correct. A fee of $25 and a 10-print fingerprint is needed when requesting for an arrest record. A maximum of 10 days is needed for the processing of the request.

When requesting for an arrest record, one can go to the office of the Department of Justice and verbally ask for the file. It is recommended, however, to request for the document through writing. When writing a request Accessing El Dorado County Arrest Records letter, the information about the individual in question is needed such as the name, date of birth and the county where the crime was committed. Another way to get a copy of the Searching El Dorado County Arrest Records record is by using the services offered by third party providers. Those who do not have enough time to spare to get an arrest record can take advantage of this service. The emergence of the Internet has opened another way to obtain a copy of such documents.

Using the Internet to get copy of an arrest record is faster and a lot easier compared to the traditional method. One can choose between paid services or free search. A free public arrest records can be obtained online, but the results may contain errors. Websites that offer paid services are connected to a lot of online database, thus giving out the most accurate result.